Entrepreneurship Classes for Graduate Students

Cornell is a world-class university whose colleges and schools encompass more than 100 fields of study. Many of these colleges and schools offer classes in entrepreneurship for undergraduates. You don’t have to have an idea for a company in order to want to learn more about entrepreneurship—you just have to have the desire.

Engineering Commercialization Fellows 

Cornell Engineering offers Commercialization Fellowships—a unique opportunity for Ph.D. students to spend a fully-funded semester and summer in an intensive entrepreneurship program with a personal mentor to explore commercializing a product of the student’s choosing. From intellectual property management to supply chains, students will learn the tools, methods and skills for bringing a product or technology to market.


Certificate in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship

In collaboration with the College of Business’ Graduate Field of Management, Cornell’s College of Engineering offers Ph.D. students the opportunity to obtain a Certificate in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship beginning Fall 2018. The certificate (formerly offered as a minor) will allow these students to develop business acumen to exploit and optimize the commercial application of advanced technology, in addition to training in cutting-edge engineering research. The current concentrations available in the field of Management are in specific functional areas, whereas what the engineering students seek is business knowledge to convert research ideas into effective business plans, both as entrepreneurs and as employees.

Cornell BEST Program

Cornell BEST helps PhD students and postdoctoral scholars make the most informed decisions possible about their career paths after Cornell.  For some, this means being even more confident that a career in academia is for them.  Others will decide to use their expertise in careers outside of academic research settings.  All PhD students and postdocs can benefit from becoming BESTies, as program trainees are called.

Entrepreneurship Courses by College/ School

See the diverse set of entrepreneurship-focused courses offered by the many colleges and schools at Cornell University.

Entrepreneurs in Residence

The Entrepreneurs in Residence are experienced entrepreneurs familiar with the local ecosystem and commercialization programs available to Cornell Engineering students, post-doc and faculty.  They can serve as a key point of contact to these programs.