Networking for Faculty & Alumni

As a faculty member or alumnus of Cornell, chances are good you already have an extensive professional network. This is a good start and will serve you well as you take steps to act on your great ideas.

It takes much more than a great idea to commercialize a technology or start a company. It can be a difficult process and the more help you have available, the better. Any entrepreneur will tell you–connections are essential. It is important to have a network of people you can call on at every step on the path from education to enterprise. It can be just as important to play that same role for others in the same boat.

University-wide Programs

Entrepreneurship at Cornell

Entrepreneurship at Cornell is a diverse, university-wide program that finds and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in participants from every college, every field, and in every stage of life. We are grounded in the belief that individuals who exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and have acquired entrepreneurial knowledge can add significant value to any working environment from the smallest startup to the largest business, from non-profits to government agencies.

Cornell StartUp Tree

StartupTree is the leading platform and the fastest growing network for university entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial participants including students, alumni, staff, and faculty use StartupTree to access the resources they need and to discover, connect, and collaborate with co-founders, team members, and mentors on their journey.

Cornell Silicon Valley

The goal of this alumni group is to build the Cornell business community in the Bay Area and connect Cornellians with industry innovators and technology luminaries.

Cornell Entrepreneur Network

The Cornell Entrepreneur Network (CEN) is the university’s alumni business network. CEN produces top-shelp events on both coasts that feature world-class alumni speakers and unique opportunities to meet potential business contacts.