Deconstructing Conflict: Understanding Family Business, Shared Wealth, and Power

Valuable Vantage Points is a monthly networking symposium, open to all. Learn from Cornell Family Business Faculty and Fellows, connect with alumni, students, and business leaders, and begin to tackle many pressing issues within your family business. Each discussion will be a mix of content, conversation, and collaboration. Topics will range from tactical to strategic and will be specific to family business.

Conflict exists in some form in every family and organization. Yet, it creates discomfort for many and may often be avoided, thereby creating further conflict. Based upon his methodology known as “The Conflict Equation,” Doug Baumoel ’78 will present five foundational concepts to help participants deconstruct conflict into its component parts. This webinar will help you understand the reasons that underline all conflict, what triggers active conflict, and why conflict can be so extreme in family businesses.

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