New App debuts for use in the Zoom era

This semester is the beginning of an unprecedented period. For the first time, we’re expected to struggle through the rigorous Cornell CIS curriculum while cut off from the support we all gained from each others’ presence. In addition, we were tossed into a completely unfamiliar, asynchronous, online system of learning. ReLearn is going to help make The New Normal easier.

ReLearn is an app that will make you more effective and social in your CS classes. It applies the latest in on-device ML to transcribe in-person and Zoom lectures so you can search for any topic by keyword. Also, the app automatically creates class groups based on matching Zoom meeting IDs and/or BLE proximity (hybrid classes are covered!). Now every class can have its own instant group chat and single, collaborative, Google Docs-style set of notes to which everyone can contribute. 

I’m excited to give Cornell CS majors the chance to become the first to experience how much easier classes can be thanks to the power of collaboration and ML. Together, Cornell CS majors will have the opportunity to shape this app into a transformative, essential college tool in two ways. First, you get beta software. I bet CS majors will give some of the most effective feedback on our Github issues page ( , link is also in the app). Second, people with React Native experience are invited to apply to join the team here:

Try the app out in your online and in-person classes tomorrow! Spread the word in your CS classes!