Social Enterprise at Cornell to host Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship panel May 6

This Wednesday, May 6th, Social Enterprise at Cornell will be hosting a Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship panel called How To Become A Student Entrepreneur from 8:00PM to 9:00PM ET. This event will be a conversation with several Cornell entrepreneurs who currently run their own organizations that make an impact. You will have the chance to learn about the impetus for their organization, current work, and their vision for the future, as well as the journey of building your own organization.

The organizations/speakers at the panel will be:

  • GreenClub(Alex Li): A non-profit that makes it easy for anyone to act on climate change. To date, we have offset over 500 tons or 1 million pounds of Carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Pedicure(Jessica Tao): A toenail trimmer designed for those who can’t reach their feet. We know that nail care is a hard problem to solve alone. PediCure hopes to empower those unable to reach their feet ranging from the injured, elderly, to anyone who can’t reach their feet.
  • Makers for COVID-19(Karina Popovich): A coalition of individual hobbyists and 3D-printer owners all around the United States and the world. Together, we are supporting medical professionals on the frontlines with 3D-printed PPE along with other medical shortages
  • Millions Meal Foundation(Samay Bansal): “My vision is for us to provide at least 1,000,000 meals to communities around the world who are battling food insecurity. One major strategy is to partner with organizations that are doing great work in a similar field.”
  • Interwoven Bracelet(Alexa Torres): A beaded jewelry company that aims to support local artisans in the Huichol community in Northern Mexico to improve the lives of the Huichol people through sharing their talents and crafts.
  • Moroccan Youth Social Entrepreneurs Group(Ghali Jorio): An organization that aims to empower Moroccan Youth to start social enterprises and contribute through an online program, a summer camp, a national conference and an online platform for Moroccan Youth to Serve, Educate, and Connect.

Please use this Zoom link to attend the event:

In the midst of everything that is going on, we are striving for a return to normalcy by hosting events, discussions, and panels that allow for continued engagement. We look forward to your attendance!