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Entrepreneurship at Cornell Summer Internship Program 2020

Historically, as many as 70 paid internship placements are awarded each year. Each Cornell student brings the latest in entrepreneurial thinking from their classroom and applies it during their internship. Eligibility is open to Cornell juniors, seniors and graduate students who have an interest in small to mid-sized businesses. Sophomores are allowed to apply by invitation only through the Internship Director Deb Moesch (dlm8@cornell.edu).

Interested companies and students are encouraged to apply here: 

Entrepreneurship at Cornell Summer Internship Program 2020


Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at Cornell

We hope everyone’s first days of virtual classes went well. Despite these unprecedented times, Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at Cornell is open!!! If you are looking to become involved in the entrepreneurship community or seeking mentorship, guidance, or venture creation support, Blackstone LaunchPad is a resource for you. You can schedule mentorship appointments (now online only) through ScheduleOnce or StartupTree.  

We understand this is a challenging time for startups, but we are here to help! Connect with a mentor today.


CREA Webinar Series: Equity Crowdfunding– Skipping VCs and Connecting with Passionate Investors

When: May 7, 10:00 a.m. EST

Register now.

With the economy upended by COVID-19, venture capitalists are most risk=averse than ever. To raise money in this new environment, startups in need of initial backing and businesses seeking funding for a new venture will have to get creative. Crowdfunding can be a successful alternative for attracting capital. By seeking out a group of consumers who are passionate about your company’s vision, you can connect with a larger group of smaller investors who are willing to help fund a product of service they want. A panel of startup and crowdfunding experts will discuss the best ways to plan and execute a crowdfunding campaign in our current economic climate.


What you’ll learn:

•What equity crowdfunding is, how it works, and why you should use it

•How much funding startups can realistically plan to raise through a crowdfunding campaign in today’s economic climate

•How to best persuade the public to invest in your startup or business venture

•Strategies for leveraging your first successful crowdfunding campaign for additional future investments

Episode No. 4: Expanding to a Second Sphere of Activity 
Thursday May 7 at 12pm EDT

Grow-NY applicants will have to consider their presence in our region, whether they are headquartered elsewhere. Nordetect has a user-friendly portable device for analysing biochemicals that has applications for agriculture and beyond. They are based in Copenhagen, but are following a path that will put them in Rochester, too. Learn about what it is like to operate in a second geographical sphere of activity.

With founder of Nordetect Keenan Pinto, Jim Senall the executive director of NextCorps, and engineering student Shiang-Wan Chin.

Global COVID-19 Relief Coalition (GCRC)

SIGN UP HERE at http://hackathon.gogcrc.org

Medical practitioners, scientists, software developers, supply chain professionals and others collaborate during the weekend sprints.  The hackathon started on March 27 and continues for a few months, as such, people may sign up at any time to begin participating. 


New participants are accepted every Friday.  New Projects and challenges  are accepted on Thursdays. The hackathon has a kick-off every Friday at 11am and 8pm to welcome new participants.

Lunch Specials: Food & Ag Innovation Chats

Each Thursday at noon, break for our Lunch Special! We will be serving up a series of short, informal chats with movers and shakers in the food and ag industry. A Cornell University student will pepper our guest innovators with questions as we get to know what motivates and challenges them and how they are adapting to uncertainties in our economic climate. View the full series.


Johnson Summer Startup Accelerator Applications Open
Apply now.
The Johnson Summer Startup Accelerator is a 10-week summer intensive that will continue the momentum for student startups finishing their spring semester. Supported by the numerous Cornell and Ithaca entrepreneurial resources, teams will participate in weekly workshops and regularly meet with EiRs. The Kadiyali Fund will support students participation in the summer Accelerator. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Connected Conversations 

May 6th, 12:00pm – 1:00pm ET

John Engels, Engels Leadership Coaching

Managing Anxiety: At Home, In Business

The Smith Family Business Initiative introduces Connected Conversations, an on-going and evolving webinar series highlighting current issues in family, business, and leadership. Allow yourself time to connect, learn and engage. These conversations are free and open to all. Registration is required.


Grow-NY Startup Competition – Applications Due July 15
Grow-NY, a food and agriculture startup business competition, is now accepting applications through July 15. Entrants will compete to win up to $1 million and receive mentorship through training, and business development support. For more information and to apply, visit grow-ny.com.


Entrepreneurship at Cornell has been collaborating with the Global COVID-19 Relief Coalition (GCRC) hosting an open-source hackathon designed to expedite solutions to the current crisis.